Regulating the internet

Enforcement of net neutrality to face vote from Federal Communication Commission

On Dec. 14, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission will vote to end the enforcement of regulations on internet service providers to supply equal access to the web for all paying customers. These regulations, dubbed “net neutrality” during its Obama-era conception, ensure that internet service providers (ISP’s), such as Comcast and CenturyLink, supply full access to […]

New Saudi crown prince named

How we should judge reform in Saudi Arabia, a society adjusting to much change

A 32-year-old Mohammed bin Salman replaced his 58-year-old cousin Mohammed bin Nayef as crown prince of Saudi Arabia this past June. The unprecedented move by King Salman to usurp the line of succession led most analysts to conclude that the change occurred as a final designation of bin Salman as the leader to take Saudi […]

Voter’s view disregarded

Lack of community input on Initiative 27 threatens democracy

Most students at SPU have probably never heard of Initiative 27. Most people would probably assume this is because of voter apathy or other common issues consistently facing American politics. However, the story could not be more different. The problem facing this initiative is not the voters, because as of this month the voters have […]

Taxing female products

Tampon tax causes women to pay more than their fair share

In the United States, it is more expensive to be a woman than a man. In a 2015 study done by the New York Department of Consumer Affairs, it was found that items marketed towards women cost an average of 7 percent more than counterparts marketed towards men. A similar study conducted by the state […]

San Juan in critical state

Jones Act slowing down Puerto Rico’s recovery after disaster

When a natural disaster strikes, the general public is up to date on every movement the storm takes. The media fills us in on every data point possible, garners as many live interviews they can and promotes every newsworthy snippet throughout the storm’s duration. The 2017 hurricane season has produced five major hurricanes so far, […]

Finding common ground

Seahawk’s unity shows dialogue is still needed

Art Rooney II, the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, released a statement on Sept. 24 in wake of President Trump’s controversial comments over the widespread national anthem protests in the NFL. Posted on the official team Twitter account, Rooney praised the unity among players, but added his “…hope[s] that eventually we will come together as […]