Dreams, disillusionment

International students face uncertainty under Trump

It all started as a joke. While living in Indonesia, senior Joshua Loupatty joked about studying abroad away from home in the United States, but his father took it seriously. Loupatty said that his father began researching agents and schools overseas shortly after their conversation. “A week later, he said that I needed to go […]

Community as family

Bringing Filipino values to SPU

A relatively small Southeast Asian country, the Philippines sits on the edge of the Pacific Ring of Fire, prone to earthquakes and typhoons as it’s located snugly by the equator. Despite this, the people of the Philippines are known for their hospitality and sense of family. Sophomore Hannah Beltran has experienced these aspects herself. Although […]

Discussing race in cities

Gentrification issue rises in urban settings

David Leong, associate professor of missiology, was about eight or nine years old when his family attended a state fair. Near the entrance, he heard shouting. “Go back to where you came from!” someone yelled. At first, Leong didn’t understand that the demand was geared toward him and his family, or what the exclamation really […]

Outlet serves all

Honoring MLK with display

From the subway of New York to the Seattle Pacific University campus, walls of expressions seemingly popped out of nowhere. In lieu of the political climate and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, the Office of Student Life — a combination of the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, Residence Life and Multi-Ethnic Programs […]