Crime 10/25

Fire On Oct. 23, a fire was reported, the incident taking place in Gwinn Commons. Malicious Mischief/Vandalism On Oct. 23, the OSS received a report of malicious mischief/vandalism in Ashton Hall. On Oct. 23, an incident was reported to have occurred at 608 W Emerson Apartments. Rape On Oct. 18, a case of off-campus rape […]

Confronting a cultural captivity

Navigating gospel through a changing context

In a society that is largely dictated by the differences amongst each other, dominant groups have determined that threats must be eliminated. This means that these threats cannot be allowed to be in positions of authority that enable them to influence anyone. The biggest threat in American society, according to the media and overarching narrative, […]

Coexisting with enemies

Practicing nonviolent protests amidst threats

Daoud Nassar and his family have been in an ongoing legal battle for 26 years. In October of 1991, the family learned that Israel was planning to confiscate their land. They learned of this by chance when a nearby village resident happened to pass them in the street and mention that he had seen the […]

Crime 10/18

Burglary On Oct. 16, a case of burglary on the fourth floor of Hill Hall was reported. Car Prowl On Oct. 12, a car prowl in the Ross Parking Lot was reported. Fondling On Oct. 12, an incident off campus was reported. Harassment On Oct. 16, an incident was reported at OSS but the investigation […]

Peace secured in justice

Reconciliation, forgiveness through justice

When he was a child, Reverend Naim Ateek’s town was conquered by the Zionist militia. “We did not have any army to defend us. There was nothing. We were just occupied,” Ateek recalled. His father did not know where to go. With 10 children, two of them married and with children of their own, Ateek’s […]

Lonely Whale challenge

Seattle does it for ocean, marine life

A challenge has been issued. Focused on providing education that inspires youth and the innovative community, the Lonely Whale Foundation strives to “inspire empathy towards marine species and develop life long advocate for ocean health,” according to their website. Founded by Adrian Grenier and Lucy Sumner in December 2015, the foundation wants to challenge 10 […]

Defining diversity

Mayo seeks to work through God's grace

If there is certainty, said Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Sandra Mayo, there is a loss of a reliance in God.   Because of this, Mayo does not want a sense of certainty. But this does not mean people should be paralyzed, unable to move forward confronting issues of race and diversity.   […]

Waiting for the perfect fit

Peter Moe to build a skeleton in Eaton

Assistant Professor of English Peter Moe’s fascination with whales started when he was a young boy. Having grown up in landlocked Spokane, Washington, he remembers being drawing pictures of whales in elementary school, for some reason enamored with the sea. Despite his love of the ocean and whales,  Moe did not see his first live […]