Crime 11/15

Drug Abuse Referral On Nov. 13, the OSS received a report of an incident in Ashton Hall.   The Crime at SPU report is compiled weekly by the News Editor Kimberly See from information provided by the Seattle Pacific Office of Safety and Security. To report a crime, dial the Emergency Hotline at 206-281-2911.

Seattle Pacific honors Tristan Kern

“Thank you for being such a good church buddy to all us, classmate, and friend.”

Seattle Pacific University lost a student over Veteran’s Day weekend. According to several news sources, on Friday the 10th, third-year Tristan Kern was hiking in Olympic National Park on eroded rocky terrain when he fell. A search and rescue team was dispatched, but had to discontinue when it became too dark. Early the next morning […]

Crime 11/8

Fondling On Nov. 3, OSS received a report of an incident in the residence halls on Oct. 10. Malicious Mischief/Vandalism On Nov. 1, an incident at the Wesley Dravus Apartments was reported. Theft On Nov. 2, a case of theft at the Student Union Building was reported.   The Crime at SPU report is compiled […]

Student costs, debt spiral out of control

Panel discusses economic impact

According to Forbes, as of February, the student loan debt sits at $1.3 trillion with 44.2 million borrowers. From the class of 2015, New Hampshire has the highest average loan per student at $36,101 and Utah has the lowest at $18,873. Within this range, Washington’s average is at $24,600. Student debt is a nationwide problem, […]

Crime 1/11

Fire On Oct. 26, a fire was reported, the incident taking place in Hill Hall.   Fraud On Oct. 25, a case of fraud off campus was reported and is currently pending investigation.   Harassment On Oct. 25, a case of harassment in Ames Library was reported to the OSS. On Oct. 27, an incident […]

Digging up possibilities

Living out God’s love by loving homeless, poor

Reverend Jean Kim was born in North Korea and took refuge in South Korea when she was just 11 years old. For most of her life, she has been working with and serving the homeless. As the founder and co-founder of 10 missions programs, she holds a firm belief that each homeless person is created […]

Christianity on decline

Addressing Adam and Eve in light of modern scientific understanding, evolution

As a joke, Jennifer McKinney told people she did not care whether there was a historical Adam or Eve. As only two individuals, whether literal or figurative figures, Adam and Eve cannot show her social patterns. So, as a professor and co-chair of the Sociology Department, she has no interest in them. “It doesn’t matter […]

Crime 10/25

Fire On Oct. 23, a fire was reported, the incident taking place in Gwinn Commons. Malicious Mischief/Vandalism On Oct. 23, the OSS received a report of malicious mischief/vandalism in Ashton Hall. On Oct. 23, an incident was reported to have occurred at 608 W Emerson Apartments. Rape On Oct. 18, a case of off-campus rape […]