Students find housing process inefficient

Responses to this year's CHA housing issues

Sophomore Kayla Furtado said she wanted to experience more freedom. It was simply time to move out of the dorms, she explained. So, she applied for an on-campus apartment through Seattle Pacific’s Office of Residence Life. “Even though it’s not the same amount of freedom as off-campus, you’d have your own place just to be,” […]

STEM students network, present

Annual conference provides learning opportunities

After working on his project for two years, junior Charles Mitchell finally saw his work come to fruition when he gave an oral presentation on his project at the 15th annual Erickson Undergraduate Conference. Guided by Assistant Professor of Chemistry Wade Grabow, Mitchell presented his research in laboratory-constructed RNA patterns called “tectoRNA,” and analyzed those […]

Event discuses dangers of porn

Mental health counselor talks on effects of living in ‘pornocracy’

While some people may not see porn as a problem, Danielle Meier from SPU’s Office of Safety and Security (OSS) thinks otherwise. Starting last year with the event “Pornified,” The Office of Safety and Security kicked off a four-part sequence of events they hope will help start a conversation on porn and its harmful effects […]

Writing, vehicle for discovery

Milton fellow opens up about awakening via written word

To Isaac Anderson, writing has power. Writing jars “the reader awake” and wakes up the author in the process as well, he said. To him, writing is an opportunity to discover more about the world or about himself and others. “And also importantly, I would say, it’s an opportunity to locate myself within communities of […]

Making the world ‘our parish’

Daniel Castelo discusses struggling with catholicity within Western culture

  Daniel Castelo went to high school in Tennessee — the birthplace of the Ku Klux Klan. While Castelo and his classmates were learning about the horrific events of the Holocaust and watching Schindler’s list, alternative hip hop group Arrested Development came out with the song “Tennessee,” a popular rap song Castelo remembered talking about […]

Dreams, disillusionment

International students face uncertainty under Trump

It all started as a joke. While living in Indonesia, senior Joshua Loupatty joked about studying abroad away from home in the United States, but his father took it seriously. Loupatty said that his father began researching agents and schools overseas shortly after their conversation. “A week later, he said that I needed to go […]