Parallels in discrimination

‘Never again is now,’ speaker says, recalling order 9066

Spoken word poet Troy Osaki recalls not caring about carrying on the traditions and language his grandmother, a second generation Japanese American, tried so hard to teach him. He remembers not caring about the history of Executive Order 9066, signed by President Roosevelt in 1942, that ripped his grandmother’s family apart and led to the […]

Lawrence retells journey

Artist inspired by migrant narratives

Indescribable suffering and immutable strength led six million African Americans to leave the South and migrate to Northern and Western states between the outbreak of World War I and 1970. There is perhaps no greater tribute to this human epic than artist Jacob Lawrence’s monumental work, “The Migration Series,” currently on display in the Seattle […]

Approach dissent constructively

A rebuttal of faulty anti-FoFA rhetoric

The conversations regarding diversity and marginalization this year were necessary and hopefully only the start of change to come. However, I urge students to carry these conversations into the next year without the misunderstandings, suppression of alternative views and ad hominem attacks that often characterize anti­ Friends of the First Amendment rhetoric. Though I stand […]