Service members discuss Veterans Day

For Seattle Pacific students who have served in the military, their experiences have profoundly shaped their lives, and the thanks they get on Veterans Day carries significant meaning. “God has a way of taking what people would normally overlook and making something of it,” said Jordan Ridley, current Seattle Pacific student and Marine Corps veteran, […]

Robbins now cheap housing

The former on-campus Robbins Apartments were recently purchased by Bellwether Housing, a non-profit that provides affordable housing for people with low incomes. Bellwether Housing provides apartments for people in the Seattle area at lower-than-market rates. To be eligible for their housing, applicants must be at least 18-years-old or legally emancipated, make at least 2.5 times […]

Trick-or-treating in college?

While some Seattle Pacific students are happy to relive their childhood by donning costumes and lining up for free candy, some Queen Anne residents aren’t thrilled. With a slouching economy, some cash-strapped college students see trick-or-treating as a good way to score some free sweets. “You get free candy; it’s a broke college student’s dream,” […]