Candy presidential election

My fellow Americans, foreign exchange students, missionary kids and Les Steele (because I know he reads my work religiously), we face a decision in the coming days, a decision so important it may very well change the future of our nation, if not the international community as well. Obviously, I am referring to the fact […]

Americans must shut up

There are times when, in pursuit of The Truth, a journalist must do things he finds personally repulsive. Perhaps he has to interview a pedophile, a la Chris Hansen, or an idiotic vice presidential candidate, a la Katie Couric. Or perhaps, like me, he has to compliment Londoners. Now, as some of you may have […]

Freedom with no filter

I am writing this at 1 a.m., Saturday, the fourth of October, 2000-and-whatever. At this very moment, Seattle Pacific University has something in common with thousands of other universities around the world, but by the time you get to read this, it may no longer share this commonality. Since 2000, SPU has regulated access to […]