Sustainable fashion sign of responsible societal member

Eco-fashion more than trend, inspires healthy consumption

Green is the new black. And, no, I’m not talking about the latest summer fashion trend. I’m talking about how ethical and sustainable fashion is slowly becoming a factor in how our generation views the latest styles. I have always been the person to hold the motto, “quality over quantity,” or at least I try […]

Being alone could help you

Millennials clouded by social stigma

For most of my 21 years of being alive, I have been extremely self-conscious of how the people around me, even strangers, perceive me. For years, I experienced this looming cloud of always feeling on edge, trying not to say the wrong thing, be “too weird” or come off as my true self. It wasn’t […]

Single-sex education

Sex education could benefit from same-sex classrooms

“Guess what?” I asked my mother as she stepped into the house. “Huh?” she replied with little enthusiasm. Jumping up and down on the couch, I told her I had started my period that day at school while on the playground. And I’ll never forget her first and only reaction to my exciting news: she […]

Christian values, actions prove incongruent

Opinions on faith and disbelief need to be addressed

Recent studies by the Pew Research Center seem to indicate that highly educated Americans nowadays are less religious than those who have acquired less education. But that doesn’t go to say all educated Americans don’t attend church or recognize themselves as believers.   Moreover, 71 percent of Americans identify as Christians, and among those Christians, […]

Climate change cannot be ignored

Time to admit our wrongdoings, take action for global warming

I will never forget the small, squeaky black chairs of the old movie theater in our hometown. My parents insisted on going to see the film, “A Day After Tomorrow.” Being roughly 8 or 9 years old at the time, the idea of the earth and my existence being obsolete seemed unimaginable. The extreme snowstorms […]

Sleepless in Seattle Fundraiser

On Oct. 31, a fundraising campaign was launched to raise $75,000 by Thanksgiving to purchase sleeping bags for Seattle’s homeless population. The campaign was started by several Seattlites in conjunction with multiple corporate and nonprofit organizations with the aim of providing sleeping bags to the over 3,100 people enduring Seattle winter temperatures each night. An […]