Eco-anxiety in America

Individual choices can ease the anxiety regarding climate change

Last Spring, President Trump decided to have the United States back out of the Paris Climate Accord Act. In his response, the decision was simply for those American citizens who had voted for him to make our country “great” again. Trump not only made us one of only three countries not to sign the act, […]

Diversity on the runway

Inclusion necessary in the fashion world

As the spring and summer 2018 fashion weeks come to a close and all fashion magazines and blogs shoot out articles like cannonballs on all the hot trends, behind the scene details and model gossip. One thing remains untouched: the lack of diversity inside the world of fashion. During fashion week, there’s no way of […]

Safe spaces for women

Gurls Talk platform facilitates discussion

I was 20 years old when I was drunkenly convinced in partaking in an intimate act with an individual. I will spare the details of the nausea that swirls in my stomach as I recall the moment, but the morning that came after I walked home with the irritating itch of regret and sadness all […]

Minimalism taken to extreme

Individualism lost in simplicity

If I could label the year 2017 as anything, it would be the year of minimalism. Black, grey, white and solid tone colors raided the closets of consumers and became the desired aesthetic of every 20-year-old adult’s fashion sense and bedroom. In the midst of this chaotic world, we have turned toward a lifestyle that […]

Sustainable fashion sign of responsible societal member

Eco-fashion more than trend, inspires healthy consumption

Green is the new black. And, no, I’m not talking about the latest summer fashion trend. I’m talking about how ethical and sustainable fashion is slowly becoming a factor in how our generation views the latest styles. I have always been the person to hold the motto, “quality over quantity,” or at least I try […]

Being alone could help you

Millennials clouded by social stigma

For most of my 21 years of being alive, I have been extremely self-conscious of how the people around me, even strangers, perceive me. For years, I experienced this looming cloud of always feeling on edge, trying not to say the wrong thing, be “too weird” or come off as my true self. It wasn’t […]

Single-sex education

Sex education could benefit from same-sex classrooms

“Guess what?” I asked my mother as she stepped into the house. “Huh?” she replied with little enthusiasm. Jumping up and down on the couch, I told her I had started my period that day at school while on the playground. And I’ll never forget her first and only reaction to my exciting news: she […]