Athletic wear as high fashion

Once upon a time, Friday’s were deemed as the “casual” day of the work or school week. Jeans, simple t-shirts, sneakers and the occasional hoodie made an appearance on people’s lazy days leading into the weekend. In high school, these days revolved around students, especially girls, coming in wearing Victoria’s Secret Pink yoga pants, a […]

Stigma in the fashion industry

Feminine-heavy focus lowers public view of field

Fashion, for the most part, is viewed as being superficial. The labels of “narcissistic” and “conceited” are often directed at those who show a distinct interest in fashion, described as caring a little too much about what clothes they wear, where they shop and how they wear it. For a good majority of my life, […]

Embracing many cultures

International students face stigma

Over this past quarter, one question continues to gnaw at me: if SPU asks us to “engage in the culture and change the world,” what cultures are we fully engaging in other than the Christian community? It wasn’t until this year, after having the pleasure of living with two amazing girls from two different Asian […]

Eco-anxiety in America

Individual choices can ease the anxiety regarding climate change

Last Spring, President Trump decided to have the United States back out of the Paris Climate Accord Act. In his response, the decision was simply for those American citizens who had voted for him to make our country “great” again. Trump not only made us one of only three countries not to sign the act, […]

Diversity on the runway

Inclusion necessary in the fashion world

As the spring and summer 2018 fashion weeks come to a close and all fashion magazines and blogs shoot out articles like cannonballs on all the hot trends, behind the scene details and model gossip. One thing remains untouched: the lack of diversity inside the world of fashion. During fashion week, there’s no way of […]