Year in Review 2009-2010

<b>Karina Robertson’s life influences SPU</b> <<photo1597|left>> Former SPU freshman Karina Robertson, 19, died on April 26 at Tacoma General Hospital as the result of pneumonia after complications due to treatment for leukemia. Though this was the third time since she was 14 that she had battled cancer, Robertson never let cancer define her life, said […]

Unseen liabilities of nannying jobs

Junior Kelsey Ricker picks up 5-year-old Drew and 8-year-old twins Elsie and Carmon at 3 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday from St. Anne School. She brings them home, helps them with their homework and keeps the children from fighting. Other Seattle Pacific student nannies wait with Ricker to pick up children outside the school. "It’s […]

General education proposal vote fails

On May 14, Faculty Senate voted down a proposal to recommend a new general education model that would have revamped the current Exploratory Curriculum. The results reflected the divisiveness of the subject, with just 51 percent voting against the recommended model. Out of the 143 votes submitted, 73 voted against the proposal while 70 voted […]

NEDAW promotes awareness

She loved to run. She wanted to be fast. And she wanted to be thin. Within a two month period, freshman Allie McWilliams lost over 30 pounds. Her heart rate slowed and her bone density dropped. By June after her first year in high school, 15-year-old McWilliams was hospitalized for an eating disorder. "I ended […]