Cruise must save California

People say California is ungovernable. Those people are wrong. All California needs is a real celebrity for its next governor. I nominate Tom Cruise. California needs real leadership. It needs someone who can rise above special interest politics, who won’t settle for rearranging the economic furniture and who won’t resort to combing over $10 billion […]

Commodifying green

Environmentalism is important, but I don’t think combating global warming is as easy as unplugging the toaster. Many environmentalists urge the populace to go florescent, get TOMS, eat organic and don their Captain Planet capes. All of this is good and fine, until the popularity of the green movement detracts from real change. Starbucks unveiled […]

Fear failure to launch

It is in our nature as students and academics to be reactionary. We have nothing better to do than fret about pedagogy and fuss over student loans. But comparing the problems of higher learning with the auto bailout fiasco is about as helpful as radioactive fairy dust. There’s no way to make an educated comment […]

All programs need intellectual boost

Every spring quarter, while most students are busy studying cloud formations and the effects of sunlight on the skin, a sector of the senior class is madly tweaking their long-awaited honors projects. But I have trouble seeing how the honors projects’ unveiling is any different from a middle school science fair. University Scholars have their […]

G20 publicity stunt

Globalization is one of those buzzwords tossed around so much it now has a verbal shape equivalent to about a pound of JELL-O. After the G20 Summit a couple weeks ago, I was about ready to say it’s the English language that most needs a bailout. Representatives from 19 countries plus the European Union gathered […]