Playboy not empowering

Editorial affirms magazine’s return to nudity wrongly

Last week, The Falcon published an editorial “applauding” Playboy after the gentleman’s magazine announced that they will be bringing nudity back into the publication only a year after removing it. Playboy commented that they will be featuring natural women with a theme that “naked is normal.” Although it is an empowering statement, Playboy is using […]

AR Wear sadly tenable option for women

Safeguard clothing justified, alarming

Guess what’s making a comeback in 2017? Chastity belts. Recently, a new video went viral on Facebook that promotes this “new” piece of clothing. It’s supposed to protect women from sexual assault. AR Wear, the company that produces the product, hopes that it will “safeguard” women from any sort of sexual attack. The piece of […]

Love not on Tinder

Current dating culture toxic to students

Roses are red, violets are blue, millennials will swipe right, but only if you’re cute. With all the pink heart balloons, candy, flowers and massive teddy bears flooding every store in the area, it’s hard to forget that Valentine’s Day is indeed fast approaching. This is the time of year when couples parade their love […]

Christian duty

Must lead by example, not hypocrisy

“Engaging the culture, changing the world.” Surely every student on campus is familiar with SPU’s slogan. This statement not only serves as a catchy phrase, but stands for what it means to be a Christian college student at SPU. We are not only expected to get an education during our time here, but we’re also […]

Incoming first lady ought to be respected

Despite what seem like questionable actions, Melania Trump not that bad

Aformer supermodel whom plenty of the world has seen naked, whose college education cannot be completely confirmed and who is accused of committing one of the most embarrassing acts of plagiarism of 2016 is soon to be, drum roll please, our first lady. If you know of President-elect Donald J. Trump, then, undoubtedly, you have […]

Starbucks holiday cup controversy a form of comfort and protection

Consumers miss out on true meaning of holiday season by focusing on a cup

No matter what it is, Americans will find controversy in everything. Whether it’s over politics or even something as simple as a cup. On Nov. 10, Starbucks released their new holiday cups for this years holiday season and people are heated. According to their website, Starbucks started their holiday red cup tradition in 1997 when […]

Raves encourage community

Culture lives by PLUR mantra: peace, love, unity, respect

The word “rave,” as defined by Merriam Webster, is a large overnight dance party featuring techno music and usually involving the consumption of mind-altering drugs and intoxicants. Is this definition correct? Absolutely, but it leaves out some essential aspects of these so-called “dance parties.” We’re all aware of the negative stigma around this one little […]