‘Slow coming kingdom’ of God

Learning to wait for God’s Kingdom during trying times

Co-director of Haiti Partners Kent Annan spoke at Tuesday’s chapel about his experiences doing nonprofit work and how they’ve affected his understanding of God’s works. Annan’s new book, “Slow Kingdom Coming,” focuses on waiting for God’s Kingdom to come and what that means for Christians. “This Kingdom of God is a slow kingdom coming,” Annan […]

Seeking career in STEM

Female student explores largely male-dominated environment

Annabel Rathmanner recalls her time as the only girl in her engineering class at Benilde-St. Maragaret’s school in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. Though her program was mostly boys from the start, Rathmanner says there were about 10 female students in her graduating class who were part of the program in the beginning, but only about […]

Ybarra found guilty

Assailant in shooting trial determined not insane

Written by: Justina Brown and Monica Veles. UPDATE: On Wednesday Nov. 16 at 11 a.m. the jury determined that Aaron Ybarra was not legally insane at the time of the June 5, 2014 shooting, finding him guilty of first-degree murder of Paul Lee; three counts of attempted first-degree murder of Sarah Williams, Thomas Fowler and […]

Genetics now part of reconciliation conversation

Nelson talks about finding identity in genealogy

In the mid-to-late 1700s, Venture Smith was brought to America, sold into slavery and eventually bought out in what is now a well-known story. His descendants, despite having more information than most have about their slave ancestors, wanted to know more and set out on a journey in 2006. They dug up his grave with […]

Created in God’s image

View of Gospel changed, Harper believes Jesus ‘set the image of God free’ for all people

  Lisa Sharon Harper went on a journey 13 years ago that changed how she understood the image of God and the good news of the Gospel. Along with two dozen other people, Harper retraced the Cherokee Trail of Tears that her ancestors had journeyed. Among other stops on this adventure, the team ended up […]

Students push boundaries

Traditional hall competition turns risque

  Donald Trump references, John Cena appearances and dozens of risque jokes were front and center at Seattle Pacific’s famed Ashton Cup. On Sunday, March 6, a line wrapped around Royal Brougham Pavilion with students awaiting the biggest dorm’s annual lip-synced, choreographed skit competition. Opening the night was third west floor with their rendition of […]

Dairy farming not ‘black and white’

Alum raises awareness in industry

Robots are taking over or, at least, they’re taking over the dirty work of milking cows, according to Katherine Steensma. Speaking at the Seattle Pacific Agriculture for the Community and Environment’s club meeting on Monday, Feb. 29, Steensma educated those present on the world of dairy and the role of robots in the future. Steensma […]