Seeking more education, tolerance

LGTQA+ community shares personal experiences with campus

By Laura Lothorp and Julia Battishill Can you remember the first time you heard someone say “that’s so gay?” Were you in elementary or middle school? Did people laugh? Did they cringe? First-year Alonso Ramirez-Sanchez remembers his experience with homophobic students in middle school quite clearly, and the rumors that circulated around his sexuality. Fast […]

Contest inspires change

Social Venture event grows

Mark Oppenlander from the Center for Applied Learning recalls one Social Venture participant who discussed his experience with the competition. The first thing the student said, Oppenlander remembers, was “Thanks for ruining my college career.” According to Oppenlander, the then senior student was quick to explain that his experience had been so amazing and unrivaled […]

WorldCOMP gives thanks

Celebrating success in Kenya

George Matimbai, board president of relief organization WorldCOMP Kenya, recalls a day in 2015 when a certain woman came to one of WorldCOMP’s pop-up medical camps. The woman had been to many doctors and had tests run before, but still had absolutely no answers about what could be causing her symptoms, he explained. After a […]