Lessons learned from opinions

Every week for two years, I’ve been editing, commenting on and helping my writers develop opinions. As the opinion editor, I’ve been encouraged to have well-informed opinions on things, even when most of those opinions were probably ill-informed. But now that this is my final editorial, I feel compelled to give just one last opinion. […]

Feminism needs education

There is a strong difference in meaning between the nounification (a made-up word) of “females” versus “women.” It’s rare for women, especially educated women, to refer to themselves as “females” because they understand the negative connotations. There’s a difference in the phrase, “Look at that woman,” versus, “Look at that female.” Female what? Everyday language […]

Supreme Court still relevant today

The Supreme Court has been getting a lot of attention lately because of its recent Constitutional rulings. This attention is indicative of the Court’s lasting significance in our country. However, the Court seems to be somewhat forgotten when its less controversial cases don’t have implications in the Bill of Rights. For example, the Court’s recent […]

Artistic value misunderstood

The recent release of George Clooney’s The Monuments Men got me thinking about the significance of art for societies, as I’m sure most were left thinking similar thoughts while leaving theaters. But the film got me thinking about the respectability of art as such, especially contemporary art and its many new forms. It seems really in […]