What would Jesus do?

<i> Editor’s note: The following is a conversation between Paige Morgan and Jon Williford on the ever-timely question, "What would Jesus do?"</i> Jon: Hey, Paige, did you ever buy one of those "What Would Jesus Do?" bracelets that all the cool people wear nowadays? Paige: No, but I have a "What Would Agent Scully Do?" […]

Peace is never simple

If there is any message that the Israeli voters sent last Thursday when they overwhelmingly elected Ehud Barak of the Labor party as their Prime Minister, it is, in the words of columnist Thomas L. Friedman, "get on with it already." Under Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu, Israel stalled, delayed, hampered and inhibited — if not […]

Beef: It’s not for dinner

I remember when I was young I used to catch those bugs that look like giant mosquitoes — we called them "mosquito eaters" because we thought they ate mosquitoes. We would catch them and torture them. Throwing them into a spider web was fun. We got to watch the spider pounce, wrap its victim and […]

Does God know the future perfectly?

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Doin’ laundry

I don’t know what it is about laundry. It’s not that I mind doing it. Not at all. But I can’t bring myself to fold it. The clothes just sit there in the corner of my room — or the closet on those rare occasions when a friend comes over — collecting dust and making […]