Cascade serves as unique memento

Seattle Pacific University Directory shots were not always pictures of students in costumes and groups. Rather, the SPUD used to be a physical index with pictures of students and staff listed beside their contact information, said Karen Gutowsky-Zimmerman, professor of art and faculty adviser for Cascade, SPU’s yearbook. Then, in 2005, SPU created an online […]

Reinsma takes a hike

For many people, serenity involves a hot bath, a massage or even a nap, but for Professor of English Luke Reinsma, peacefulness comes at the thought of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. “One of the reasons I love the mountains is perfectly obvious: They’re full of peace, they’re full of beauty, they’re full of serenity,” […]

Lederach seeks peace in hostilities

Imagine a world where someone could make friends with his or her enslavers and use that newfound friendship to be released from slavery. It would be a world of reconciliation. John Paul Lederach is helping to create such a world. “Reconciliation does not mean forgive and forget,” said Lederach, a leading scholar and practitioner of […]

Plans move forward on University Center

As an illustration and new pictures major, senior Lindsey Sprague often spends her day in the confines of the Art Center, where the growing number of students threatens the building’s capacity. “The majors are extremely competitive because there is so little space available,” Sprague said. “Especially as our programs are growing, the space we have […]