Working for a more sustainable future

The Facility and Project Management Department at SPU is trying to speed past rising gasoline costs by driving electric-powered vehicles. "We plan to move in the direction of electric," said Dave Church, assistant vice president of facilities management. "Probably in five years, we will try to move 50 percent of the fleet to electric." Currently, […]

Waiting for club status once again

The group Haven’s application to become an ASSP club has been deferred for the second time this year. In an e-mail sent to Haven leaders on Feb. 26, Kellie Hicks, vice president of campus activities and the Committee for Student Clubs (CSC) Chair, told the leaders that the CSC did not approve or deny club […]

Reaching people with stories

Jan Vallone Roberts loved to write as a child, and always knew she wanted to teach. After practicing law for 20 years, Roberts finally decided to follow her dream and became a teacher in 2002. Now, Roberts is an adjunct professor at SPU, and she is expanding upon her interests in writing and teaching. Part […]

Looking to impact the world

Missionary strategies, the opening of new mission fields and international politics were typical family discussions for Delia Nuesch-Olver at family reunions. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to a Swiss missionary family of eight children, Nuesch-Olver and most of her siblings have served in missionary fields of Latin America and beyond. "I have since lived in […]