Coco captures culture

Newly released movie celebrates traditions

When a predominantly white industry decides to highlight an event rich with cultural nuance from Mexico, like that of Día de los Muertos, it can be difficult to do so accurately. “Coco,” a movie whose theme revolves around the familial bonds that are the foundation of much of this culture, has been the main focus […]

Proper ethics encouraged

Set Free focuses on product sourcing in campus, city

The first step in approaching the issue of modern day slavery is admitting that it is slavery in the first place. As a society, it is easier to hide behind labels like “human trafficking” because the word “slavery” comes with so much baggage. It is the tireless efforts of SPU’s Set Free club, and other […]

Contrasts in expression

SAM exhibit exemplifies diverse art

Picture this: a dimly lit room filled with people and the pungent smell of wine, packed in by a low ceiling and walls filled with brightly colored paintings, moody landscapes and languid interpretations of nature. This scene describes the opening reception for the “Darks and Lights” exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum on Oct. 19 […]

SPU Alumn, now author

Moorea Seal’s advice for designs

Having a comfortable and inviting space to call home can be a challenge, but Seattle Pacific Alumna Moorea Seal hopes to make the journey easier through her expertise with interior design. Seal’s published work “Making Yourself At Home” not only includes helpful tips for how to make the home unique to the personality of the […]

Welcoing event sparks joy

Tiffany Loop, a typically serene landscape, was transformed into a social hub for students to connect with one another and take part in school involvement through Big Party and Involve-O-Rama. Instead of the usual passersby hustling to class, first years and returning students alike milled around the central gathering in Tiffany Loop in a combination […]