Photography program vital at SPU

I’m willing to bet that, before you even start reading this article, you can think of at least one person who wants to be a photographer. I can think of several, but unfortunately, there’s no way they can study photography at SPU. A photograph can capture emotion, personality and mood with distinctive lighting, edgy lines […]

SPU plans on going green

Last winter, President Phil Eaton signed a commitment for the SPU campus to go carbon neutral. Bethany Walrad’s job is to make sure that happens. After working in the office of Facility and Project Management last year, Walrad was hired in the summer as a sustainability coordinator. This is a position that is steadily gaining […]

Initiatives will impact

The election of President-elect Barack Obama was not the only weighty decision made last Tuesday. Washington residents voted "yes" on physician-assisted suicide and "no" on new traffic laws. The assisted suicide initiative, also called I-1000 or the Death with Dignity Act, passed with about 58 percent of the vote, according to The Seattle Times Web […]