Wilder sound of Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons’ third studio album, Wilder Mind, is exactly like it sounds: ferocious, energetic and full of space. Unlike previous albums Sigh No More and Babel, which drew a large fan base with foot-stomping, banjo-dominated sound, Wilder Mind is dominated by keyboards and synthesizers and ruled by the electric guitar. Ben Lovett, former piano […]

(45) Minutes of Zooey

Kintsugi, the newly released album from indie pop/rock band Death Cab for Cutie, takes its name from the Japanese art of mending cracked ceramics with tiny pieces of metal. The name was likely chosen to show that, despite former lead guitarist and sound producer Chris Walla’s departure from the band and lead vocalist Ben Gibbard’s […]

Sustainability more than a fad

In Seattle, the word sustainable is frequently tossed around. Whether discussing how stylish the new reusable grocery bags from Trader Joe’s are, walking through the Fremont Sunday Market or flaunting the choice not to use any transportation other than a bike made from recycled materials, sustainibility has become a trend. But what does it really […]