Premiere evolves into protest

Friday evening’s premiere of the film "Icons of Evolution" met with dissension from people within and without the bounds of SPU. These dissenters include members of the SPU biology department and a group called Burlington-Edison Committee for Science Education (BECSE). Prior to the event, in the stairwell inside Gwinn, members of BECSE handed out packets […]

Ames’ donation check received

SPU freshman Kathryn Tyler was in the President’s Dining Room on Third Gwinn Thursday when Gary and Barbara Ames signed a $100,000 check that is funding ethnic minority student scholarships, one of which Tyler is a recipient. Approximately thirty people were present at the check-signing ceremony including SPU faculty and staff, members of the community […]

Loving music until the end

Wadad Aziz Saba, former SPU music professor, was a Palestinian Christian who regarded her students as her own children, according to Professor of Music Vernon Wicker. Saba taught in the music department at SPU for 35 years. Rev. M. Louise Holert, who was Saba’s roommate for five years, said that several years ago Saba shared […]

Service positions reviewed

Changes to the salaries and wages received by students in service-compensated positions for the 2002-2003 school year were discussed at ASSP senate on Monday night. The discussion was tabled at senate and will be voted upon at next Monday night’s session. Service-compensated positions are those such as those held by Cascade editors, Residence Hall Ministry […]

Tuition inflates by 7.7 percent

Next school year, students will be expected to pay approximately $1,668 more for tuition and room and board than they currently pay, according to a memo sent out to faculty, staff and students yesterday by President Phil Eaton. This means that the 2002-2003 school year tuition will increase by 7.7 percent. This is the largest […]

Eaton: Church ties will not be broken

President Phil Eaton said that the relationship between the Free Methodist Church and SPU will not be changing anytime soon. During the summer of 2000, the bishops of the Free Methodist Church and the presidents of the denomination’s five universities began working on a proposal that would transform the relationship of the church and the […]

Mental health changes possible

On Friday the SPU Board of Trustees will decide whether or not to approve funding for a new student counseling center, which would be under the jurisdiction of the Office of Student Life (OSL). "I don’t have any anticipation that it won’t be approved," Vice President of Business and Planning Don Mortenson said. According to […]