SPU deals with identity crisis

Another school year is coming to a close, and what are we talking about at SPU? Terrorism? No. The implosion of Enron? No. Scandal in the Catholic Church? No, SPU has more pressing issues at hand. The big fight is over whether SPU is more liberal or conservative. It’s about 30 years behind every other […]

Alumni board ignores dissidents

The 2000 elections proved two points to the nation: 1. Every person’s vote counts and 2. Voting systems must be accessible and fair to all voters. Apparently, those lessons did not penetrate the SPU Alumni Association (AA) board, who just took away the right of alumni to vote in AA elections. Less than 300 alumni […]

Ethnic pluralism is not ideal

SPU is a school with surprising diversity, defying its stereotype among students. SPU is a school with little diversity, a problem that needs to be remedied by the campus powers-that-be. Which is it? I found myself musing over two impeccably timed opinion pieces in The Falcon last week that arrived at opposite conclusions. Rebecca Garrett, […]

Gaining a second chance

Ronald Reagan trampled President Carter in the 1980 election by asking frustrated voters: "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?" The Democratic president learned that a bad economy equals political ruin for everyone in its wake. I’m asking myself that question now, a week from graduation, and while my situation isn’t […]

Vote for good reasons or don’t vote

Feelings about ASSP elections don’t count as firm convictions. At least that’s what my professor told me nearly a month ago when I complained about the excessive regulation of ASSP elections on an assignment about firm convictions. I know firsthand now what I previously believed from a distance, for a fortnight ago I was the […]

PR lifestyle conceals the true self

Men and women mingle together in a clean, well-lit room. Pleasant music plays in the background. A friendly voice invites viewers to visit one of the store’s five locations. It’s a porn shop. I saw an advertisement for this Salem-area chain over Christmas break and marveled that an adult-oriented establishment (forgive the euphemism) would dare […]

Should SPU weaken church ties?

I don’t pretend to know exactly what Free Methodism entails. Before coming to SPU I was not aware of the denomination, and after three years here the extent of my knowledge is that Free Methodism opposes slavery and the practice of renting pews in church. But the issue of relationship between SPU and the Free […]

Should SPU weaken church ties?

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