Balancing science, morals

During the 1930s and ’40s, much of America supported "eugenics," the science of improving human beings through breeding. For decades, leading scientists upheld eugenics as a general consensus. Leading biologists from schools like Harvard University, Princeton University and the University of Virginia supported the movement. By the early 1930s, 30 states had enacted laws that […]

Tutors help kids with study woes

Located 20 minutes away from SPU, the Rainier Valley possesses a distinct multi-cultural urban flavor – "a beautiful flavor," junior Nikkita Oliver said. Oliver said the Valley reminds her of where she has come from, but also provides a key to accomplishing future goals. Since July, Oliver has worked for Urban Impact, a community development […]

Stressful, but still fun

Months of planning, two weeks of craziness, one night of fame and then it’s over. But there’s still homework and classes on Monday morning. Welcome to the annual residence hall events. Moyer Hall was awash in music, lights and dancing as its residents hosted the Experience Moyer Project (EMP) Saturday night. Ashton Hall residents decked […]

SPU headlines cafe

Despite the late hour, rapper and former SPU student Isaac Rubio laid down a performance Friday night that got audience members on their feet, waving their hands and clapping along to his rhyming rhythm. "I knew that it was going to be a change of pace from what people were doing," said senior Caleb Buse, […]

Not just for CFE

Junior Elizabeth Miles, coordinator for Latreia, used Saturday’s quarterly service day to share some of what she’s been given. "I feel like in my life, I’ve received so much," Miles said. "I’ve grown up in a good family, and I’m able to come to SPU. It’s my responsibility and my joy to give back to […]

Students study Good News

Students trickled into Demaray 150 last Saturday evening. Some came alone, others entered in small groups. A few students chattered together, while others opened books in preparation for the evening ahead. These students gathered for a voluntary read-through of the entire book of Acts — an event called Gospel Saturdays. "We’re reading the Bible with […]

A new place to get a fix

The Pura Vida coffee shop opened its doors Monday for an official ribbon-cutting ceremony, led by President Philip Eaton and Pura Vida President John Hess. Several SPU professors, alumni and Pura Vida employees joined the handful of students gathered in the newly renovated Weter Hall to watch the procedure. Quiet chatter and individual introductions filled […]