Worshipping in all languages

Students celebrate culture through dance, song

As SPU’s Total Experience Gospel Choir sang the words “Just reach out and touch somebody’s hand, / Make this world a better place, yes we can,” the members of the choir walked off the altar to join hands with the guests. Together they helped bridge the gap across the aisle of the First Free Methodist […]

Latinos Unidos gathers for first event in years

Latin American culture celebrated through new “Fiesta Latina” event

While the long line for the food at Fiesta Latina was slowly moving forward, students chatted, ate Mexican candies and engaged in impromptu dancing to the music playing from loud speakers. Though it could take up to 15 minutes to reach the food, there were no objections. People who couldn’t find seats simply kept standing […]

Lecture stresses need for united front against disease

Harborview manager visits campus, presents case to oppose pathogens

To Vanessa A. Makarewicz, the health of people, animals and the earth are inherently connected. As the infection control operations manager at Harborview Medical Center, Makarewicz says there should not only be a worldwide partnership for medicine, but a local focus on what measures can be taken to help eliminate disease. She said that nearly […]

Breaking down rape stereotypes

Lecture exposes harmful myths about sexual assault

  Last month, attorney Steve Farese, who was defending Memphis businessman Mark Giannini accused of rape, said the following to the attending jury in the trial: “People can be really good at lying,” Farese said. “Women can be especially good at it because they are the weaker sex.” For Sexual Assault Awareness Month here at […]

John Perkins speaks for last time at annual chapel lecture

Perkins finds unity between Jesus and justice

The pews of the First Free Methodist Church were nearly full as Tali Hairston, the director of the John Perkins center, interviewed John Perkins himself during his final annual lecture at chapel. The two sat in chairs tilted toward one another as Perkins answered questions from both Hairston and pre-recorded messages from SPU students. “What’s […]

Frank firearm discussion

SPU community speaks out on campus carry policies

By Eppey Cook, Tori Hoffman and Manola Secaira Amid proclamations of romantic love and criticism of campus life, two statements appeared on the SPU Confessions Page on Facebook. The first was posted anonymously: “Tbh, I carry my Sig on campus all the time. Take that you silly liberal fruitcakes. Concealed pistol license ftw!” The second […]

Online exclusive: Students advocate for, engage with refugees

World Relief, an international organization dedicated to helping vulnerable and displaced people, came to SPU this past Wednesday with refugee speakers to give them a voice and, hopefully, to inspire action among students.    “I think that every generation has a time, a very crucial time, kind of a tipping point, [when] they have to […]