Should SPU weaken church ties?

Seattle Pacific University is whispering, talking and yelling about the recent proposal to remove the contractually mandatory quota of Free Methodists on the board of trustees. As I listen to all this, I think of R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe wailing, "Oh no, I’m losing my religion." I don’t pretend to know everything about this issue, but […]

Jumping through hoops

While it is somewhat embarrassing that it has taken me so long to discover it, I think that in my final undergraduate year, I have uncovered the secret to success in college, and perhaps even in life, that should have been obvious all along. I have learned that to succeed in college all that I […]

CFE amiguities abound

While I have no qualms about exploring the Christian faith or even embracing it as my own, I am beginning to question the Christian Faith Exploration (CFE) requirement and the effectiveness of its enforcement. Like the good girl that I try to be, I filled out my reflection form on Banner thoroughly and completely in […]

Remembering to give thanks

Previous to thorough digestion of the sacrificial bird, shoppers will flood the streets and stores in a disgusting display of materialism. Football will be the main attraction, though it is the first time the family has gathered in almost a year. I will shamelessly gorge myself and inconspicuously excuse myself from the table to change […]