Editorial Comment: Personalizing campus conversations

Diversity, mental illness and sexuality are pressing issues that the Seattle Pacific University community took up this past academic year and should certainly continue to be discussed in the future. For these conversations to be effective and reconciliatory, students should make a stronger effort to avoid abstracting issues and disagreement, and instead personalize their dialogue. […]

Editorial Comment: Music is supposed to bring people, cultures together

Beyonce’s “Lemonade” is taking the Internet by storm with its sweetness, sourness and sting. The album is receiving reactions ranging from adoration to condemnation; opinions aside, what is clear is that “Lemonade” is a rich testament to the the struggles and survival of black individuals, specifically women, alongside Beyonce’s own processing of alleged infidelity. However, […]

The Falcon’s 16-17 ASSP candidate endorsements

President: Josiah Gaede The ASSP president is responsible for tending to ASSP senate and promoting collaboration between student interests and administration. Combining managerial insight, communication skills and a desire to positively challenge the students he represents, Josiah Gaede will provide strong student government leadership. As the current vice president of finance, Gaede is familiar with […]