ASSP candidate endorsements!

The Falcon’s editorial board interviewed each candidate and reviewed their campaign materials. The endorsements represent the majority view of the group. Vote on Banner tonight!   John Jarman: President The main responsibilities of the ASSP president are to facilitate communication between the administration and the student body and to manage the ASSP core. The president […]

Editorial comment: Response to chapel proposal

Chapel’s footprint on Seattle Pacific University’s campus may expand soon. Last week, Provost Jeff Van Duzer announced in an 11-page document to faculty that the Campus Ministry Task Force (CMTF) proposed implementing required chapel for freshman and transfer students. They also proposed a new office called the Office of Christian Community and Ministry (OCCM) that […]

Editorial comment: Media too focused on US medals

The Olympics provide an extraordinary opportunity for underprivileged athletes from across the globe to participate in a primary global event, one that celebrates competition and determination. However, U.S. media coverage of these ancient games is focusing primarily on U.S. athletes alone and not on lesser-known Olympians from around the world. Many athletes from countries such as […]