Editorial Comment

Funds should be used on homes

Should Seattle use its borrowing power to build more affordable housing? That is the question our city’s government is currently battling over. As a result of passing a measure on the August 2016 ballot that nearly doubled the city’s affordable-tax levy, Seattle will have approximately $290 million for affordable housing development and stability services. According […]

Editorial comment

Voter suppression issue

If the election results were rigged, it was the Republicans not the Democrats. For the past couple of months, Donald Trump has been claiming that yesterday’s election results would be rigged in favor for Hillary Clinton. Furthermore, he actively called for his supporters to participate in voter suppression by creating a position titled “Poll Watchers,” […]

Editorial Comment

End Dakota Pipeline development

As thousands of protesters – many of whom are Standing Rock Sioux – gather in North Dakota to fight against the development of the Dakota Access Pipeline, mainstream national media sits idly by and ignores the controversy. The Dakota Access Pipeline, developed by Energy Transfer Partners, is designed to transport upward of 570,000 barrels of […]

Editoral Comment

Voting more important than ever

Elections are right around the corner, Nov. 8 to be exact (don’t forget to vote). As of Oct. 23, 66 of the 100 major US newspapers have released endorsements for the general election. Over half have endorsed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and only one has endorsed the Republican candidate Donald Trump. The Falcon’s editorial board […]

Editorial Comment

Apology moves toward progress

In light of continued tragedies and elevated national outrage over police shootings of minority Americans, there is a growing need for re-established trust between police and the communities they swore to protect. On Monday, Terrence Cunningham, president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, formally apologized for the “historical mistreatment” of racial minorities. According […]

Editorial Comment

Remember the humanity we share

The editorial team would like to use this opportunity to ask the students, faculty and staff at Seattle Pacific University to take time out of their day to pray or simply hold a moment of silence for those in Haiti and in the Carolinas who have lost their lives during hurricane Matthew this past week. […]

Editorial Comment: Personalizing campus conversations

Diversity, mental illness and sexuality are pressing issues that the Seattle Pacific University community took up this past academic year and should certainly continue to be discussed in the future. For these conversations to be effective and reconciliatory, students should make a stronger effort to avoid abstracting issues and disagreement, and instead personalize their dialogue. […]