Editorial Comment: Music is supposed to bring people, cultures together

Beyonce’s “Lemonade” is taking the Internet by storm with its sweetness, sourness and sting. The album is receiving reactions ranging from adoration to condemnation; opinions aside, what is clear is that “Lemonade” is a rich testament to the the struggles and survival of black individuals, specifically women, alongside Beyonce’s own processing of alleged infidelity. However, […]

The Falcon’s 16-17 ASSP candidate endorsements

President: Josiah Gaede The ASSP president is responsible for tending to ASSP senate and promoting collaboration between student interests and administration. Combining managerial insight, communication skills and a desire to positively challenge the students he represents, Josiah Gaede will provide strong student government leadership. As the current vice president of finance, Gaede is familiar with […]

Editorial Comment

Panama Papers warrant prudent review

A leak of over 11.5 million confidential documents known as the Panama Papers is linking numerous politicians and their associates to offshore companies possibly used for illegal tax evasion, drug deals and money laundering. Amid media hype and rampant accusations,  news sources, readers and governments must address the information in a thorough and objective manner. […]

Editorial Comment

Methanol plants warrant further talks

Governor Jay Inslee is promoting proposals to construct two methanol plants in Washington and one plant in Oregon. The resulting negative responses from some communities and associated environmental concerns necessitate more extensive citizen discussion both prior to and after environmental reviews of the plants. As reported by the Seattle Times on Saturday, March 5, the […]

Editorial Comment

Google leads with innovative campus

Google’s Kirkland campus expansions stands as a model for office design in the Pacific Northwest. On Feb. 16 this year, the city of Kirkland welcomed the new 180,000-square-foot building, which can hold over 1,000 workers. A tour of the campus quickly reveals that Google is committed to creating a lively, comfortable environment for its workers. […]

Editorial Comment

What the Apple controversy means for privacy

The FBI’s most recent attempt to force Apple to create a custom iOS update of their operating system would set a dangerous legal precedent that could open the door to government mass surveillance. Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed that building the skeleton key in order to unlock the San Bernardino gunman Syed Farook’s […]