U.S.-Cuba prisoner swap necessary

In December 2009, American subcontractor Alan Gross was imprisoned in Cuba and sentenced to 15 years for acts against the independence and territory of the state. While both the Obama administration and Cuban officials are keen on normalizing relations between the countries, Gross’s imprisonment is understandably impeding diplomacy. The only mutually acceptable remedy to the […]

Taking a stand with sexual misconduct policies

With universities such as Dartmouth, Columbia and the University of Connecticut coming under fire for their increased reports of sexual assault, many campuses are being pressured to reevaluate their sexual misconduct policies. Last month, President Obama launched an awareness campaign called “It’s On Us” to put an end to sexual assault on college campuses. “An […]

Editorial comment

The Falcon’s goals in producing this special issue of the newspaper are to memorialize Paul Lee and to provide a record of the SPU community’s response to Thursday’s tragedy. It is our hope that thoughtful coverage will contribute to the healing process. As students and as reporters, we’ve struggled with how to approach covering this. […]