Year in Review 2010-2011

<strong>Haven gains official campus recognition</strong> Following a Feb. 24 meeting with the Human Sexuality Advisory Group, Haven leaders announced to their supporters that Haven is now an officially recognized registered student organization with rights to reserve on-campus meeting space and advertise. Haven is SPU’s student group devoted to discussing issues of sexuality. Until now, Haven […]

Lowery battles cancer, plans life

One night last month, seniors Melissa Fields, Lisa Burns and Ashleigh Lowery sat in Lowery’s Fremont home watching the film “The Tourist,” laughing and eating Blue Moon burgers, Burns said. “We laughed so hard and had such a fun night,” Burns said. “You would have never known anything was wrong.” Yet, earlier that day, Lowery […]

Neuhouser honored

At the President’s Spring Forum Tuesday morning, members of the audience jumped to their feet as Associated Students of Seattle Pacific President senior Allen Klein announced the 2011 Faculty Member of the Year. In front of a crowd of his peers, Associate Professor of Sociology Kevin Neuhouser graciously walked forward to accept the award. During […]

SPU seeks complete carbon neutrality

Hidden on the roof of Otto Miller Hall is an array of solar panels, slightly lifted toward the sky. The deep blue panels silently put energy back into Seattle Pacific’s grid. Across campus, the university’s fleet of electric maintenance vehicles take that energy back out. “It’s kind of cool to say that our electric vehicles […]

Seniors seek job, budget, purpose

Graduating from college can be both thrilling and terrifying. Suddenly, students are faced with the harsh realities of life outside of college, such as repaying student loans, finding a job, and figuring out “what you’re going to be when you grow up.” For senior Kristy Guertin, a global development major, these issues will begin at […]

Record stress seen in SPU freshmen

In their first week of college classes last quarter, freshmen across Seattle Pacific and across the nation filled in bubbles on a survey that sought to understand what it is like to be a college freshman in 2010. Last Friday, students in Professor of Theology Kerry Dearborn’s University Foundations 1000 class helped explain the results, […]

Learning Assistant program unique

Inside one physics classroom in Otto Miller Hall, it was unclear who was in charge. Groups of students surrounded lab tables and worked through tutorials, writing equations on whiteboards and debating theories with one another. “What do you guys think?” senior Heidi Rowles asked a group of women working on a physics exercise. “Is the […]