‘Stimulus’ distorted by Republicans

Humans have an impact on the environment. People in the nation’s highest law-making body should attend law school. Certain things make sense. The Republican Party’s campaign message does not.

 Everyone agrees the economy sucks. But should we distort the truth about it? "The government has taken over everything,” reads Dino Rossi’s apocalyptic statement in this […]

Myths about degrees, debt

Some things are not worth the effort — things such as growing your own lima beans, fishing a quarter out of a toilet or walking up the hill for Starbucks drip coffee. But what about the education Seattle Pacific offers? With a price tag of $28,965 per year, you would be right to question its […]

‘Use of force’ too frequent

“Use of force” is a phrase often heard but not often analyzed. On Aug. 30, though, this phrase and practice was propelled into the limelight after the fatal shooting of John T. Williams, a First Nations wood carver. Unfortunately, this is not an anomaly. Between Sept. 30 and Oct. 7, five individuals have been killed […]

Green more hip than trend

After drinking the last drops of lemonade from a glass bottle, I faced three grey containers labeled paper, cans and waste. A quick scan of the room revealed there was no one terribly interested in what became of the object in my hand, so I quickly tossed the bottle in the container labeled "waste" and […]

Believers must balance faith, reason

Is faith a justifiable basis for church doctrine? Westboro Baptist Church thinks so and soon hopes to impress my beautiful hometown of Portland, Ore., with faith enlightened phrases such as "fags doom nations" and the perpetually delightful, "you’re going to hell." In order to remove myself from these Christians, I, like many others, politely declined […]

Supporting labor unions positively

We ignore workers. As busy students, we use the boycott as a token gesture of global awareness. GAP withholds wages? Boycott. Old Navy producing its line with sweatshop labor? Boycott. Protesting is easy, but it does nothing for employees such as Seattle Pacific alumna Bridget Ramsey, a working mother at the Lower Queen Anne Safeway. […]