Fight for net neutrality not over yet

FCC chairman Ajit Pai wrong about Open Internet Order and Title II

Everyone needs to just hold their horses for a second. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) did not vote last Thursday to end net neutrality, nor did we lose the free market or freedom of speech in the internet as so many headlines suggest. What happened was the FCC, headed by former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai, […]

Drug reform needed

Drug addiction proves major public health issue, not simply isolated criminal problem

Last March, former President Obama spoke at the National Prescription Drug Abuse Heroin Summit in Atlanta saying, “For too long we’ve viewed drug addiction through the lens of criminal justice.” He added, “The most important thing to do is reduce demand. And the only way to do that is to provide treatment — to see […]

STI schooling failed

Sex education needs vast improvements

Let’s chat about sexually transmitted infections. There’s gonorrhea, human papillomavirus, chlamydia, HIV/AIDS, syphilis, pubic lice, molluscum contagiosum, bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis and herpes. There are a few more, but they’re nearly nonexistent, and I doubt you’d be able to pronounce their names. Even though each of these STIs should be discussed at length, I want to […]

Trump justification illogical

Republican ‘Christian First’ argument hypocritical, inconsiderate, un-american

Last week, Tori Hoffman, our Editor-in-Chief, published an article documenting the assumptions two students face on campus. According to one student, senior Daniel Fenlason, because he is an openly identifying Trump supporter, others on campus presume that he must “hate” immigrant minorities and the LGBTQ community. In an email interview, Fenlason asserts that he believes […]

Accountability time

Is American freedom worth cost? It’s time to decide.

Dear America, Congratulations! Yesterday, we did it. Yesterday we elected someone who at least half of us thought could not be eligible for the highest office in the land. Give yourself a hand!  How do you feel? Bitter? Content? Angry? Probably angry. Well, the only person you can be angry at is yourself. For over […]

Portraiture examined, transformed

Onlookers forced to question Western history

Portraiture has an extensive history in Western art, reaching back to ancient Greece and extending to the late Renaissance. However, no single artist since the beginning of the craft has been able to capture the essence of Western societies’ people like Kehinde Wiley. Since 2001, Wiley has taken it upon himself to transform the stylistic […]