Separation of church and state

"For nearly 40 years I have been watching a nonstop, withering attack from social and political liberals that is tearing families apart, undermining marriage, belittling Christian values and endangering our children. Most of what we as Christians believe is now either viewed as passŽ – or openly ridiculed. It’s time to say, ‘Enough is enough!’" […]

Leadership by service

Nicole Ide, a junior majoring in political science, walks through the crowd of elementary school children at the Union Gospel Mission Youth Reach Out Center, weaving through games of tag and basketball. A girl sits by herself, away from the other children. Her face is serious, oblivious to the smiling children who run past. Ide […]

The extinction of privacy

Imagine a future where everyone knew what you were doing at all times. Employers would know if workers were at the golf course, only pretending to be sick. Friends, family, and that creepy person you met at a party last week would know exactly where you’re going and where you’ve been at all times. Even […]

Church tightens grip on SPU

Returning students to SPU were greeted this new school year with change in the form of their classes, social lives, and even the campus itself. Most notably of these is the new archway creating an entrance to Tiffany Loop. The radiantly designed arch stands with pride, nearly complete. It is the definition of our university’s […]

Starvation not a dead issue

Sitting in my room, I turned on the TV to watch a movie and something caught my attention. It was a new fad diet – the "raw food diet" – in which people eat nothing but uncooked roots, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. The program "All Access: Celebrity Diets," on VH1, mentioned that the diet didn’t […]

New video games target you

Something new is happening in the video game world. Though you may not have noticed it yet, you have probably already begun to see it in television and internet advertising. The commercials for Sony’s new Play Station Portable (PSP) reveal the fresh trend: video games are targeting you. The aforementioned commercials feature images of many […]