The biology of weight regulation

Seattle Pacific’s Eating Disorder Specialist Mya Kwon had one goal for the Counseling Center’s Health at Every Size workshop: adjust the thermostat on how students understand their weight. “There’s this spot in our brains called the hypothalamus,” Kwon said to the roughly 15 students in Arnett Hall’s main lobby on May 21. “It acts as […]

White privilege not a fallacy

In a 2013 TED talk titled, “Does money make you mean?” social psychologist Paul Tiff plays a game of Monopoly. But for this game, the rules are different. One player receives more money, more opportunity and more access to resources. “That combination of skill, talent and luck that help earn you success in games as in […]

Kidnapped SPU alumna rescued

According to the Free Methodist Church, the Rev. Phyllis Sortor, a 1964 Seattle Pacific alumna, was released to Nigerian authorities and church officials late last week. “We thank God Phyllis Sortor, Free Methodist missionary to Nigeria, was safely released today, Friday, March 6, early evening Nigeria time,” Bishop David Kendall said in a church statement. […]

SPU alum kidnapped in Nigeria

Five armed men in southern Nigeria abducted the Rev. Phyllis Sortor, a 1964 Seattle Pacific alumna and missionary associated with the Free Methodist Church in Seattle, at around 1:30 a.m. PST. According to church officials, Sortor was abducted from the Hope Academy compound in Emiworo, Kogi State, where she works as a financial administrator. Nigerian […]