Jon Meis shares open letter

The following letter was written by Jon Meis and distributed to students, faculty and staff via email on Monday morning. A senior engineering student at SPU and an Otto Miller Hall building monitor, Meis is credited with subduing Thursday’s shooter with pepper spray. He was physically unhurt but sent to Harborview Medical Center for examination. […]

Sasquatch! in review

Sasquatch is an immersive experience, and doing it right means managing the yin and yang of the phrase “music festival.” Those two words sum up the complementary but sometimes competing impulses that an attendee feels at the venue and at the campground. Going overboard on just the music will leave you with really sore feet […]

Vote to fix democracy this fall

In April, researchers from Princeton and Northwestern Universities showed how the preferences of the wealthy far outweigh those of ordinary Americans in policy decisions. The (totally fair) conclusion drawn from this is that the United States may be better described as an oligarchy rather than a democracy. The reason that our country might be descending […]

Preview: Sasquatch! 2014

A breathtaking desert landscape dotted by skeletal stages and wind turbines. Grazing cattle temporarily displaced by the most affluent, indulgent slum you’ll ever walk through. Dirty, tired, intoxicated people in the middle of their favorite days of the year. This is the scene at the Gorge Amphitheater for the Sasquatch! Festival, held every Memorial Day […]

Minimum wage proposal looks good

Seattle has earned a reputation for clunky and head-scratching politics in recent years: An ill-conceived and poorly executed tunnel project is stalled underground until next year; Seattleites are seeing their transit cut by Metro and are still searching for a way to fund it; and reform at the Seattle Police Department is moving incredibly slowly, […]

Anti-gay bill passes in Arizona

America’s growing affirmation of LGBT people, and their recent political successes, is prompting some backlash. The Arizona state legislature just passed a bill on Thursday that, if signed into law, would expand religious freedom to allow business owners to use their beliefs to justify refusing service to LGBT people. It’s the furthest that such an […]