A decent discussion

Call me a pessimist, or, as I prefer, a realist, but I was expecting things to go catastrophically awry while Soulforce was on campus last Wednesday. And you can hardly blame me if you have heard of the multiple negative receptions the organization has received in the past from "Christian" universities. Yet to my great […]

The theater is a good option

Is anyone else frustrated with the movie theater experience lately? Seriously, what is it that draws droves of people to mindlessly flock around ridiculously over-priced concession stands? Or to fight their way through pre-teens on large "group dates," who, by the way, are all texting each other despite their close proximity? Could it be the […]

Independent women

It might be hard for many women on this campus to relate to other women who choose to go to all-female colleges. How do they live without the brother floor raids or roomies dates? Don’t they know that those beacons of awkwardness could lead to finding one’s future husband? Haven’t they heard of the amazing […]

Homeless in the U.S.

The usual responses deemed by society as "acceptable" when seeing homeless people panhandling on the street are complete avoidance, rude comments and/or spitting, or the giving of food, not money. Now, cities across the country are thinking of replacing such outdated reactions to panhandling with even more loving responses. Las Vegas recently outlawed giving food […]

Nun numbers on the rise

Here’s something you may not have expected: nuns are making a comeback. That’s right; the ladies in habits are "in" this spring. I thought they had been reduced to almost extinction, or at least restricted to movies: namely, the first and second "Sister Act." I used to get excited at a rare "nun-sighting." I’d sit […]

U.S. aids Chavez

Hugo Chavez is known for his inflammatory, anti-capitalist, and anti-American remarks. The Venezuelan president, who emulates Fidel Castro and strives for socialism, referred to the president of the United States in September as the "devil," and just last month, after being re-elected, claimed his victory as "another defeat for the devil, who tries to dominate […]