Commenting now online

You can now post comments on The Falcon Online. We hope the new function will inspire more dialogue on issues that touch our campus life. In addition, comments are an opportunity for you to offer your thoughts and criticisms on all content in The Falcon. We want to hear how you think we are doing […]

ASSP funds pass, Falcon is online

After over seven months of lacking an online presence, The Falcon launches its newly designed Web site today. On March 9, student senate unanimously passed The Falcon’s proposal to obtain $2,015.43 to purchase an on-campus server. The money came from Associated Students of Seattle Pacific’s Systems Upgrade Fund, not the donors. Currently, the donors’ money […]

Candidate biographies for ASSP

<h1>Positions:</h1> <a href="#pres">ASSP President</a><br/> <a href="#Exec">Executive Vice President</a><br/> <a href="#VPF">Vice President of Finance</a><br/> <a href="#VPM">Vice Presdient of Ministry</a><br/> <a href="#VPCA">Vice President of Campus Activities</a><br/> <a name="pres"><h1>ASSP President</h1></a> <<photo48|left>> <h2>Alex Binz</h2> Alex Binz is a junior and self-designed political economy and rhetoric double major. Currently, he is the chair of the Board of Student Media, which […]

Falcon signs agreement

The Falcon signed an agreement with the university to acquire an on-campus server on Tuesday. The agreement was signed by Dean of Student Life Jeff Jordan and Associated Students of Seattle Pacific University President Joel VanderHoek. The agreement asks The Falcon to "reaffirm their commitment to abide by and operate student media according to the […]

Falcon relinquishes server

Last Thursday, The Falcon received an e-mail from Vice President of Finance Anna Carlson outlining initial actions being taken by Associated Students of Seattle Pacific regarding The Falcon’s recently acquired server. Carlson asked The Falcon to bring the server and its processer to the ASSP office by 5 p.m. the following day, which the editors […]

Falcon hits server impasse

Since the start of last quarter, The Falcon office has been bombarded by students, faculty and SPU community members asking why The Falcon has not been available online. In a current newspaper culture where readership is down and newsrooms are slashing their budgets and workforce, it is a suicide mission to ignore the possibilities of […]

Students struggle with gluten

Freshman Katie Rose misses the original, delicious, buttery chic filet sandwiches the most. For freshman Kayla Abrott, it’s thin crust pizza. Neither girl will eat either any time soon. Rose and Abrott have gluten intolerances, meaning they can’t have any food with wheat, rye, barley or some oat products without experiencing unpleasant physical reactions. Finding […]