Faith, gays: Differing views

Lewis Bellamy lies back in the grass near Tiffany Loop and laughs. He’s telling a story about breaking up with his last girlfriend during his freshman year in high school — and he does mean last. Bellamy is gay, and at the time, he had told the girl that it was her fault (he was […]

ASSP Endorsements

Next week, the SPU student body will vote to elect next year’s ASSP officer core. Traditionally, The Falcon Newspaper interviews each candidate for the five open positions and publishes endorsements. This year, we will continue this tradition: look for our endorsements next week. In the next few days, the Falcon editorial board, made up of […]

ASSP Senate freezes general fund

The ASSP senate has taken action against a budgeting system that has proven problematic during the last two school years, said ASSP officers. The 2006-07 general fund has been drained sooner than expected, said Bethany Krumm, ASSP president. On Monday, the senate voted to freeze the budget and will not consider any financial requests from […]

Church budget reviewed

Mars Hill Church is having a rocky beginning to their fiscal year. Earlier this month a drop-off in donation had left the church $400,000 below budget, according to a recent letter written by the church’s elders to the church’s congregation. "The financial giving to our church has gone into a steep and sudden decline," it […]

Welcome to real life

"We don’t have a great war in our generation, or a great depression, but we do, we have a great war of the spirit. We have a great revolution against the culture. The great depression is our lives." — Chuck Palahniuk, author and journalist. Hello and welcome to a new year at Seattle Pacific University. […]

Year in review – Wounds still healing

Kyle Aaron Huff, 28, made national headlines on March 25, after he shot and killed six young adults and teens at a rave "after-party" in Capitol Hill. For weeks after, Seattle residents questioned the motives of someone that would kill people known for being lighthearted and fun-loving. SPU was also affected by the killings. Tavar […]

Year in review – Overcoming madness

Hot tempers, tears and heartfelt discussion marked the last couple of weeks in April as students and faculty spoke out against a Web site some called "hateful," and others called "fun." Sixty-four SPU women had been placed into a rating bracket titled "SPU May Madness," a competition and weblog of profiles created by Matt Gronlund, […]