Why we endorse candidates

With ASSP officer elections set for tomorrow, The Falcon has endorsed candidates that we believe best meet the job requirements. While the endorsement of political candidates is an accepted and regular practice among newspapers worldwide, I believe it is important that The Falcon explain the endorsement process and how decisions were made. Five editors of […]

Student receives threat

An SPU student, who is Muslim and of Middle Eastern descent, is planning on leaving school and the United States due to a threatening letter left on his car last week, the student told The Falcon last night. "Right now I’m just trying to let things cool off because I don’t want to put my […]

Staff member arrested by Seattle Police

A staff member of the Seattle Pacific University athletics department was taken into custody by the Seattle Police Department following allegations by a female non-athlete of improper conduct, according to Athletic Director Tom Box. According to police department reports, the suspect was taken into custody at 12:34 p.m. Thursday in Royal Brougham Pavilion and is […]