Prayer event draws crowd

Hundreds of people gathered in the rain at Gas Works Park last Friday night for the sole purpose of praying to God. "Intercessory prayer is unlike anything else. It helps us to unite as a campus," said Christopher Hansen, the overseer of the event. Hansen created the event called City on a Hill two years […]

Expression through art

Students at SPU show their devotion to God in many ways, but freshman Naomi Trego chose to worship God through a sketch of her face covered. "It’s a unique way to talk to God," she said. Trego and other students drew whatever came to mind last Thursday at Exhale in the lower SUB. The quarterly […]

Equality Riders Share Stories

Dan Seda 24 years old, from Raleigh, N.C. Dan Seda still remembers the day when he figured it all out. “It fit like a glove. Everything came together,” he said. Seda grew up in New York with his family. He later attended North Carolina State University for a few months, pursuing a future in entertainment. […]

Back home, decades later

Current SPU students may still be wondering what lies ahead for them after college, but many SPU alumni enjoy looking back. SPU’s 2007 Homecoming weekend brought hundreds of SPU alumni back to campus, each following their own separate roads in life. Alumni visiting the campus were quick to discover how different that campus has become […]

A long journey

Sitting in a jail cell, Lora Jones was technically free. She could go back to her home and her mother, but only if she stopped working as a missionary. If Jones continued her work, she and her mother would likely be killed. Jones wasn’t prepared to stop her work, so she stayed in jail for […]

Not falcon awesome

Last year, senior Austin Ruhle thought that SPU was missing a certain something. "I felt that our student body has a sense of community, but lacked a sense of school spirit," he said. To fix this problem, Ruhle created Falcon Awesome, a school spirit campaign created for the students to support the Falcon athletic program. […]

Finding WISE helpers

Each week, senior Merry Owyang can be seen helping 50-year-old Colene Lofton sell candy in the Student Union Building. "You really have to care about these people in order to do a good job," she said. Owyang is one of 10 student employees of the Washington Initiative for Supported Employment (WISE) program at SPU. Led […]

Woirldwide faith

Christianity is no longer the religion of the West, Dr. Joel Carpenter said. Carpenter, director of the Nagel Institute at Calvin College, led this year’s Day of Common Learning at SPU last Wednesday with a speech about the continuous growth of Christianity worldwide, especially in the southern hemisphere. "Christianity has become a worldwide faith," Carpenter […]