5/27 Weekly Crime Update

Theft On May 20, 2015, an individual reported to the Office of Safety and Security (OSS) that their musical instrument had been stolen from the Crawford Music Building. A security officer met with the individual, obtained information regarding the loss and completed a report. On May 25, 2015, a student reported to OSS that their […]

Panel pushes for a ‘mission-in’ approach to reconciliation on Seattle Pacific campus

Junior Arly Quillin sees a problem at Seattle Pacific University. Although she says SPU emphasizes reconciliation, Quillim notes a common disconnect among students that leaves some feeling like outsiders. She calls it the SPU bubble. “I’m wondering how we can connect our own students in a way to try and create reconciliation among our campus,” […]

The challenge of ensuring national cyber security, civil liberties and privacy

Cyber crime strategy lacking, former National Security Agency director says. Thousands of cyber attacks on government systems over the last few years have made one thing clear to General Keith Alexander: The latest wave of cyber security does not work. “Our strategy is insufficient,” the former director of the National Security Agency said. “If everybody […]