Seattle skeptics criticize SPU’s Urban Plunge

The community’s responses were quick, numerous and angry. "Just what Seattle needs: a bunch of affluent, private university students mocking homelessness by pretending to be hungry and cold on the sidewalk," wrote "EeePC," a user. "What’s next, having them spend their summer vacations as heroin junkies, in order to experience the reality of life […]

NAMI sheds light on mental health

Mental health includes every thought and emotion that affects everyday life. "Everyone struggles with mental health at one point or another or knows someone who does," senior Lindsey Mitchell said. Mitchell is one of the five undergraduate leaders in the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) club this year. NAMI is a nation-wide group that […]

Club Soul busts moves

SPU students cheered on a 2-and-a-half-year-old boy in the SPU Gazebo Room on Friday night at the Mosaic-sponsored event, Club Soul. The boy’s father, senior and Mosaic Cadre Coordinator David Carnahan, said he brought his son to experience other people’s culture. "That’s what Mosaic’s all about," he said. Mosaic sponsored Club Soul in order to […]

Pornography not way to observe beauty

Pornography is often defended as an observation of God’s beauty, but it’s just a distortion, Associate Director of University Ministries Matthew Koenig said in a breakout session on Wednesday’s Day of Common Learning. A crowd of almost 50 people gathered in the SPU library conference room to hear Koenig and Ashton Hall Residence Life Coordinator […]