Bring back dinner parties

Quality time, conversation as food for the body politic

Remember when everyone thought 2016 was the worst year ever all because of an Alice-in-Wonderland-style election cycle that culminated in the coronation of the preferred candidate of the Ku Klux Klan, along with the death of a thousand celebrities? But then 2017 hit. Already, people from all minority groups, especially undocumented immigrants, are beginning to […]

EPA nomination foolish

Pruitt, climate change denier, not fit for office

This is a call out. Scott Pruitt is a total snake. Pruitt, for those who are unfamiliar, was confirmed by the Senate last week to head the Environmental Protection Agency, or the EPA. Ironically, the now former Attorney General of Oklahoma is known to have sued the EPA, the very organization he is now leading, […]

Conservationism is traditional

“Green” thinking necessary

My great-grandmother, like many great-grandmothers, grew up during the Great Depression. I remember her stories about what life was like during that decade, when money was scarce and everything, from food to fuel to paper clips, had to be conserved. Even though her dad ran a grocery store, the family raised their own garden full […]

Travel ban indefensible

Fear can not supersede obligations

Really? You don’t support accepting refugees? You see the images of bloodied, dust-covered children on the news and think “It’s too bad we can’t help them, they might be terrorists”? There are an estimated 65 million people in the world who are currently refugees. Whether escaping war in Somalia, fleeing government persecution in Myanmar or […]

Dangerous censoring

Limits on science programs bad

This is the saga of the National Park Service, complete with some tweets and government censorship: It started, like most of this week’s bureaucratic nonsense, with inauguration day. It would have been one thing to simply not bring up the fact that the crowd that showed up to witness the Trump coronation ceremony was noticeably […]

Unlearning LGBTQ hate

Despite good intentions, you cannot fix something that is not broken

Truly loving LGBTQ people takes a lot of unlearning. I spent most of my life as a homophobic gay person. I was taught that “loving the homosexuals” meant calling their identities sinful, calling their love a sinful lifestyle. Loving someone meant warning them that the consequence of their sin would land them in hell, right? […]

Marijuana research hazy

Current findings inconclusive

Since its illegalization in the 1930s and its gradual re-legalization, we’ve had plenty of time to study the effects of marijuana — both its effects on human health and the consequences of its prohibition. It’s been used in medicine across cultures for hundreds of years, including in the U.S. When taxation laws were passed in […]

Citizens must drive dialogue

Climate change undeniable to most, but not to US leaders

Happy 2017! After the hottest year on record, polar ice levels have reached a record low. The Great Barrier Reef is on its last leg due to bleaching that occurs as ocean temperatures rise. An ice chunk larger than Rhode Island is expected to break off of Antarctica by April, and, just this summer, we […]