Promoting tolerance?

In November, the Fox television show “Glee” introduced a character named Blaine, a gay student from a nearby private boys’ school who serves as a friend and mentor for Glee’s much-bullied gay character, Kurt. First of all, I need to preface this by saying Blaine, played by Darren Criss, has quickly become my favorite character […]

Off-campus drinking now allowed for students over 21

<span style="font-style:italic;">Dr. Eaton’s e-mail announcing the change in policy is available from The Falcon as a downloadable <a href="files/Philip_Eaton_Email_Alcohol.pdf">PDF</a> for our readers.</span> Sophomore Kelsea Schrock found out about the change to SPU’s alcohol policy for students over age 21 when a friend text messaged her about it on Friday. "I’m glad that they changed it […]

Year in Review 2009-2010

<b>Karina Robertson’s life influences SPU</b> <<photo1597|left>> Former SPU freshman Karina Robertson, 19, died on April 26 at Tacoma General Hospital as the result of pneumonia after complications due to treatment for leukemia. Though this was the third time since she was 14 that she had battled cancer, Robertson never let cancer define her life, said […]


In the May 19 issue of The Falcon, the article titled, "Air Force reinforces leadership," misspelled senior Stephen Snelling’s first name in a quote. The correct spelling is Stephen, not Steven. In the May 19 issue of The Falcon, freshman Jenny Porter was incorrectly identified as Jenny Crystal in the front page photo caption. We […]


In the May 12 issue of The Falcon, the article titled, "Leaders to see stipend cuts again," stated that, "Based on spreadsheet data and next year’s estimated $681,000 budget, 40.2 percent of the total budget is currently being allocated to compensation." This percentage was incorrect because the spreadsheet data did not include additional compensation funds […]

Payroll receives uniform cut

Senior and Lingua editor in chief Thomas Castle attended ASSP Senate on Monday night after hearing over the weekend that his Lingua position faced a pay cut of almost 20 percent. Castle was one of about a dozen students in attendance as Senate discussed compensation cuts for next year. Many of the students were from […]

Leaders to see stipend cuts again

Junior Natalie Clements, the ASSP vice president of ministries-elect, is already familiar with having her student leadership stipend cut. When Clements was hired as Latreia coordinator last year, the position took a 10 percent stipend cut. Because of this, Clements said she had to get another job to help cover her expenses. This year, her […]