Trespass On May 26, a security officer found an apparent homeless man on the steps of Royal Brougham Pavilion at 9:55 a.m. while on patrol. The man showed an out-of-state drivers license, was advised of SPU boundaries and trespassing and left the property. This article was imported from The Falcon’s Records If you find an […]

Four-percent decrease final

After three weeks of intense debate and division, the final student compensation numbers were approved unanimously early this morning by student senate. <<photo313|right>> Instead of using the formula system they had previously developed to determine new pay measures, Constitutional Review Committee members proposed an amendment that specifically changed just nine positions and one compensation fund. […]


Malicious Mischief A security officer found a damaged fire alarm box in Ashton Hall while on patrol Friday. Photographs of the damage were taken, and OSS plans to retrieve CCTV coverage. The dispatcher informed Plant Services. Malicious Mischief Unit 13 found graffiti on the Nickerson Street side of the Walls Advancement Center at 1:11 a.m. […]

Leaders protest comp­en­­sa­tion cuts

Roughly 40 student leaders packed into the Library Seminar Room Monday night to send student senate a message of discontent. Leader after leader expressed dissatisfaction over the lack of communication regarding the proposed student stipend cuts. <<photo280|right>> "We would like more communication because we feel like we don’t have any say at all except for […]

Hope, fear for economic situation

Economists can always talk about what is "on the other hand," and that is why President Harry Truman wanted an economist with only one hand. Doug Downing, associate professor of economics and adjunct professor of astronomy, spoke to a group of about 50 students, alumni and faculty yesterday in Demaray Hall 150 in the second […]

‘Frankenstein’ flu explained

Swine flu is a strain of influenza that Associate Professor of biology and self-proclaimed influenza specialist Derek Wood calls a Frankenstein virus. A pig in Mexico was likely infected with bird, pig and human strains of flu, creating a new virus composed of all three called a pandemic flu, he said. The new strain has […]

What to do to avoid swine flu

Associate Professor of biology Derek Wood emphasized three important behaviors to prevent the spread of any flu and, during this time of caution, about swine flu in particular. First, he said, stay home if you are sick. "People think that what they are doing is more important (than staying home)," Wood said. However, even instructors […]

Mixed emotions on Day of Silence

<i>Assistant news editor Katie Joy Blanksma and news writer Brittney Fortune also contributed to this article.</i> Junior Grant Rehnberg stood before about 50 students, faculty, community members and staff members at the end of Friday’s National Day of Silence in Weter Lounge and told them the day was about coming together and recognizing we are […]