Congress opposes interest rate hike

College students will be worried about a lot more than which beach to visit this summer if Congress doesn’t avert a student loan interest hike scheduled for July 1. Stafford Loan interest rates have been fixed by the federal government at 3.4 percent but are set to rise to 6.8 percent. Many political leaders hope […]

Wolfe overcame anorexia through love

Food is representative of a lot more than a full stomach or satisfied taste buds for English professor Suzanne Wolfe, who discussed at the annual Last Lecture keynote speech on Thursday the relationship between food, love and her battle with anorexia. Wolfe discussed the deep influence her grandfather has had over her life, giving her […]

Student releasing published novel

While many students spent their high school afternoons playing sports, practicing music or with friends, Danielle Myers spent hers writing. Myers, a sophomore at Seattle Pacific, will release her first published novel in September. <i>Ignite</i> tells the story of six teenagers who form a rebellion against a post-apocalyptic, European tyranny known as The Empire. “My […]

Nonprofit groups recruit students

College students are known for their strong opinions on global and human rights issues. It is understandable, then, that many Seattle Pacific students work or volunteer for nonprofit organizations. SPU is trying to make such opportunities more accessible to students interested in this kind of work. Yesterday, the Center for Career and Calling hosted a […]

Committee formed to name president

A lot of changes came with the beginning of this school year: a larger-than-normal freshman class, a new building with new classrooms and the promise of iPads in the library. But the biggest change at Seattle Pacific was the announcement of the resignation of its current president and the imminent selection of a new university […]