Rihanna beats out Queen Bey

KSPU’s annual covers concert draws overflowing crowd, individuality

The soundboard was prepped and dim blue lights illuminated the Gazebo room in SPU’s Student Union Building. KSPU’s annual Cover Concert was about to begin. On Friday, Feb.17, SPU’s student-led radio station hosted their annual Covers Concert, setting the stage for an epic duel: Rihanna verses Beyoncé. In the end, Rihanna’s supporters won the night. […]

People of Promise

Students recognized for changing world, sharing love

As senior Kiersten Brown ascended the stairs onto the stage in Royal Brougham, all she could think of were her friends and how they have supported her throughout her college career. Brown is one of the six recipients of this year’s “People of Promise” awards, which took place during the intermission of the Talent Show. […]

Finest talents shared

Annual talent show emits diversity

Sophomore Toni Ramientos stood beneath the glow of pink and blue lights, captivated by the energized crowd before her. Part of the new band Heather Gray, Ramientos took stage at SPU’s annual Talent Show on Friday, Feb. 10, with her fellow bandmates. Royal Brougham transformed from the realm of sports to a realm of live […]

Scandals unravel on stage

Elegant charm and wit in ‘An Ideal Husband’

On a warm evening in the engagement season of 1870, Sir Robert Chiltern held a party full of pleasant and elegant people, all unaware of the scandal headed their way. This is the opening scene of SPU Theatre’s latest production of “An Ideal Husband” by Oscar Wilde. Directed by Theatre Professor Emeritus George Scranton, the […]

Musicians encourage discussion

Students present eclectic, memorable performance

REVIEW Junior Landon Greenwood finds that music is the most honest representation of himself. From school bands and youth group gatherings the artist discovered a love for music at a young age. Now at SPU, Greenwood has collaborated with fellow student musicians. On Friday, Jan. 20 Greenwood, senior Forrest Reed and junior Evan Daley individually […]

Immersion experience

Urban Plunge offers students opportunity to reflect, learn

Whether it’s a crouched figure in the shadows, sleeping on a back door step, or a line of people waiting outside for their dinner at the local Union Gospel Mission, Seattle’s homeless community is very apparent. Urban Plunge is an immersion experience offered by Urban Involvement to bridge this gap and better understand this largely […]