Taco enthusiasts take Seattle

Seattleites participate in first-ever Taco Crawl

For the past two years Shelly Bailey, a special education assistant from Ballard High School, has held a “Taco Tuesday” night for her and her friends. On Saturday, April 21, Bailey took her love of tacos to a new level. At 3 p.m. Fogon Restaurant of Seattle’s Capitol Hill District was full of guests ready […]

Gallery rooted in history, abstract tactics

Pulp paper used as main artistic medium in current SAM exhibit

With the World Wars emerged a growing concern for rationing. And for media outlets, this attitude of conservation led to a reconsideration of paper-type. Thus, an inexpensive form of entertainment began: pulp fictions. And not the 1994 Tarantino film. Currently featured at the Seattle Art Museum, “Pulp Fictions,” is a gallery located just behind the […]

Seattle youth spit the truth at local poetry slam

Seattle's Town Hall overflows with family, friends and lovers of poetry

“If I say, youth speaks,” Nikkita Oliver exclaimed, “You say, truth speaks!” proclaimed the crowd. “And remember the point is not the point, poetry is the point!” Nikkita Oliver an SPU alumna of 2008 and host of the Youth Speaks Seattle 2017 Grand Slam exclaimed opening up the event Friday, April 7. It didn’t take […]

Rihanna beats out Queen Bey

KSPU’s annual covers concert draws overflowing crowd, individuality

The soundboard was prepped and dim blue lights illuminated the Gazebo room in SPU’s Student Union Building. KSPU’s annual Cover Concert was about to begin. On Friday, Feb.17, SPU’s student-led radio station hosted their annual Covers Concert, setting the stage for an epic duel: Rihanna verses Beyoncé. In the end, Rihanna’s supporters won the night. […]

People of Promise

Students recognized for changing world, sharing love

As senior Kiersten Brown ascended the stairs onto the stage in Royal Brougham, all she could think of were her friends and how they have supported her throughout her college career. Brown is one of the six recipients of this year’s “People of Promise” awards, which took place during the intermission of the Talent Show. […]

Finest talents shared

Annual talent show emits diversity

Sophomore Toni Ramientos stood beneath the glow of pink and blue lights, captivated by the energized crowd before her. Part of the new band Heather Gray, Ramientos took stage at SPU’s annual Talent Show on Friday, Feb. 10, with her fellow bandmates. Royal Brougham transformed from the realm of sports to a realm of live […]