Faith explorations

Students wrestle with spirituality and religion

Consistent with reported trends among millennials all across the United States, Seattle Pacific University students are becoming less religious, although they still consider themselves “spiritual.” In a series of interviews with students and faculty on SPU’s campus, both groups described a tendency for the younger generation to move away from more traditional institutions of faith […]

An unexpected call to teaching

Murg adds Catholic point of view to SPU community

An old, retired Catholic priest from New York finally convinced him not to do it. After years spent thinking he was called to become a priest himself, Bradley Murg’s life changed at age 21 in that encounter with the priest. “You’re a solid intellectual … I know you’d be a solid priest,” Murg recalls him […]

Series provides closure

Fans react to ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ premier

SPOILER ALERT The new “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” has arrived to stream on Netflix, and after nine years fans are finally given a chance to catch up with some of their favorite characters and receive the much-needed sense of closure many feel they have been denied. The new Netflix miniseries serves as […]

Image of artists analyzed

COLUMN: Evidence for and against tortured artist stereotype

Great art is born from depression, loneliness, suffering, madness, drugs, wild lovers, poverty, alcoholism, deep scars from childhood and emotional wreckage — or so people have been led to believe. It’s a cultural fixation society can’t seem to shake and even takes some strange pleasure in, regularly citing disturbed geniuses like Edgar Allan Poe and […]

Band emphasizes unity

REVIEW: Darlingside delivers communal, organic approach to music-making

Behind a four-piece folk-rock group, a starry backdrop underscored overarching characteristics of their music: it was dark, dreamy and solemn, but also infused with light. The songs evoked the spaces and events that inspired them; there were airy reverb-reflections on what it means to be close to someone, nostalgic odes to childhood memories and joyful […]

Artists deliver acoustic, personal sets

Roommates inspired by unlikely circumstances perform individual sets at Stone Way Cafe

Senior roommates and songwriters Joe August and Zach Caldwell have known each other for years. Today, they occasionally write and collaborate together, and most recently they performed individual sets at Stone Way Cafe on Oct. 28. The crowd consisted of SPU students and other Seattleites, many decked out in full costume with Halloween spirit. Caldwell […]

Lingua establishes creative platform

'Spookyzine' aims to celebrate artists on SPU campus

Lingua Editor-in-Chief Jacob Olson believes in cultivating an artistic community on campus based in friendship and openness. As a hub for creative expression, Seattle Pacific University gives students involved in the arts a unique opportunity to work with others, including fellow students, experienced professors and the larger community of Seattle, through The Lingua Journal. “We […]