Letter to the editor

To the editor, As a Seattle Pacific alumnus, I am happy to see that The Falcon has continued its coverage of Haven. I am equally sad to see that Haven is still disenfranchised among SPU student groups. “Engaging the culture and changing the world” has a hollow ring to it when what constitutes the “world” […]

LGBT as church leaders

A solitary rainbow streamer whipped across the vaulted ceiling of St. Mark’s Cathedral in Capitol Hill as a rainbow-clad banner proclaiming "Integrity" led the way for Bishop Gene Robinson to the altar. The Right Reverend V. Gene Robinson, who has played a central part in the tensions over the issue of the ordination of gays […]

Baggage not worth carrying after SPU

Much like other graduating seniors, my last quarter at SPU has largely been spent in reflection of the other 11 quarters I’ve finished. In capstone sessions, we have ruminated on the classes we’ve taken particular to our majors and how our time at SPU has helped our educations and faiths to be challenged and grow. […]

Local band brings ‘Pleasure’

If Napoleon Dynamite lived in Seattle, no doubt he would have the band Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head on his iPod. In fact, they’d probably be friends. Their debut album, "Glistening Pleasure," is full of peculiar and eccentric oddities, including a song titled "Beard Lust," a melody that finds singer Shaun Libman lamenting his inability to […]

Going home at long last

In 1995, an 11-year-old Elias Nigusay walked through a marketplace in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on his lunch break. As he passed underneath a large truck, men unloading merchandise accidentally threw a heavy, tightly-wrapped bundle of blankets on top of him. "It fell right on top of me, covering my neck to my toes," he says. […]

Rallying support after status denied

Following a faculty meeting with administration officials last week, students from Haven, a group encouraging discussion on human sexuality, have been denied the status as an official club again, leadership of the group said. Petitions for administrators to re-evaluate their decision have been circulating around campus in an effort to gain support from students, faculty […]

Acknowledging need for new media

May is upon us, and that means SPU is undergoing a period of transition. The student leaders of next year are being trained, while the senior class prepares for the great who-knows-what of the months to come. With new leadership come many changes, large and small. The Falcon is no exception, and we anticipate many […]

Instilling compassion in youth

In another life, Tenzin Gyatso and Desmond Tutu could be brothers. The old men, both recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize, teased and laughed with each other, seemingly oblivious of the thousands of eyes watching them. Gyatso, better known as his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, ended a five-day trip to Seattle yesterday with an […]