Santas around the world

Santa –He’s captured the hearts of children for over a century. He was brought to America by the Dutch and transformed from a saint to an elf when Washington Irving depicted him as "plump and jolly." His attire has gone through as many changes as he has. From St. Nicholas to Sinterklaas, here’s a look […]

Let’s talk turkeys

Thanksgiving’s roots go far beyond Americans celebrating the arrival of the Pilgrims on the Mayflower. Asian countries such as Japan, India, Indonesia and Thailand hold Thanksgiving festivals in gratitude of the rice harvest. The holiday has been linked with the Jewish observance of Sukkot in the fall, which thanks God for the bounty of the […]

Live Long

11:30 P.M. Here at SPU, a typical college student lingers amidst an unmade bed and half-empty Coke cans. She peers anxiously through the muddled window, and suddenly, there he is. Scrambling through the clutter for her keys, she bolts downstairs to greet this much awaited guest. As she returns to the room, an obnoxious prick […]

Dynamic duo come to Seattle

Steven Curtis Chapman is back with a bang. After stepping out of the limelight, Chapman’s picking up where he left off, and with a renewed sense of purpose. The result? "Speechless," and a forty-seven city tour promoting the album and coming to the Paramount Theatre in Seattle on October 28th. Flashback to twelve years ago […]