Student hub to replace Weter

New building promotes accesibility, Jordan says

Correction: This article was updated on Jan. 13 to clarify that ASSP hiring and elections portal on OrgSync, replacing the old system of voting through Banner. Correction: In the Jan. 11 issue of The Falcon it was reported that the new student hub building had been approved by the city of Seattle. However, it has […]

Senate canceled

Meetings resume next term

For the last week of classes before finals, Vice President of ASSP Mara Kramer, with the consultation of Campus Program Coordinator Kristen Voetmann, made the executive decision to cancel Monday night’s Senate meeting. Kramer stated that for the agenda there was neither new business to discuss nor proposals that exceeded $750 and required a vote. […]

Student government appoints three new members

Senate fills positions with upperclassmen bringing new perspectives

Senate appointed three new members to the Senate body on Monday evening: junior Emma Thomas, senior Lindsay Kerekes and junior Anthony Muro. In the absence of ASSP President Lola Sosanya, ASSP Executive Vice President Mara Kramer as the proposal sponsor introduced the three members representing Fine Arts, commuters and the School of Psychology, Family and […]

Senate approves sale proposal

Student leaders pass motion, discuss upcoming events

Corrections were made to the original story regarding Bilen Yitbarek’s title from Vice President of Campus Affairs to Vice President of Campus Activities and those involved in her Nutcracker ticket sales proposal. This week, Senate discussed upcoming events on campus that are focused on topics of diversity and accessibility. Senate also received one of the […]

Empowering students to serve in their departments, serve students

During Monday night’s Senate meeting, discussion focused on empowering students to serve in their academic departments and, consequently, to serve the students of the SPU community. Preceding further business, Senate opened in prayer as they do every week. This week in particular, however, Senate members had a moment of silence for Erin Kimminau, who passed […]

Meeting canceled

With no new proposals Senate promotes events

Executive Vice President Mara Kramer and Campus Activities Coordinator Kristen Voetmann made the executive decision to cancel Monday night’s Senate meeting. Kramer noted that the succession of cancelled meetings is an abnormality. During last Monday’s Senate meeting on Oct. 24, Voetmann made a statement that agreed with Kramer’s report, saying that Senate would usually have […]

Faith should influence politics

Panelists discuss Christian duty and political climate in relation to current US election

In regards to politics and the current election season, Associate Professor of Missiology David Leong believes Christians have a responsibility to resist the urge to get caught up in polarized extremes and should instead remain open to having conversations. “Whether we’ve been well engaged or relatively disengaged,” Leong began, “Hopefully we’ve all been present to […]

Addressing inclusion

Senate promotes identity, diversity events

For the second week in a row, no proposals have been submitted to Senate for review; however, senate officers and representatives announced several upcoming events and opportunities for students to take part in leadership, and they also discussed accessibility changes to the ASSP constitution. The upcoming events for this season revolve around themes of identity, […]