Women’s rights need protection

Restricting abortion does not save children

Since his inauguration on Jan. 20, Donald Trump has issued a dozen executive orders. These orders have largely served to fulfill campaign promises, such as defunding the Affordable Care Act, reducing financial regulation and allocating federal monies for construction of a trans-continental border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. In addition to using federal power […]

Hypocrisy of GOP

Duplicity of modern conservatives apparent in double standards

When political officials run for office, they represent us as the American people. As our representatives, they have a duty to present a dignified picture of the United States of America to the world. They also have a responsibility to regulate each other via the checks and balances in our government system. Our two major […]

Migrant shaming wrong

US comprised of immigrants

Recently, some members of our political system have branded immigrants, specifically Middle Eastern Muslim and Latinx immigrants, as terrorists, criminals and drains on society. Calls for restrictions on immigration and hard penalties for visa overstays have been popularized and politically validated. These ideas have not been accompanied by concrete proposals for expanding legal immigration opportunities. […]

Carson pick, tokenizing

Surgeon not right for HUD position

In 1990, Dr. Ben Carson published his memoir, “Gifted Hands.” In it, he discusses his extraordinarily successful career as a neurosurgeon, emphasizing not only the highly complex procedures he pioneered, but also the life stories of the patients he treated. He led a 70-practitioner team to separate twins joined at the head and keep both […]

Hysteria prevents healthcare

Anti-vaccination sentiment airs ableist values, ignorance of upper-class

In the 1990s, Andrew Wakefield published an article in The Lancet that causally linked the MMR vaccine to autism. This assertion sparked massive anti-vaccine hysteria, distrust of medical practitioners and a fear of a phenomenon called “vaccine overload.” To this day, many parents seek ideological exemption from vaccines scheduled for their children, even though scientifically […]

Alumni art, meditative style

Heritage, cultural narratives on display

This weekend, Seattle Pacific University commemorated 125 years of excellence, as well as esteemed alumni, through a wide variety of events. These included departmental reunions, soccer and volleyball games, tree and totem pole re-dedications and the Heritage Art Opening. This new exhibit, currently presented in Nickerson Studios, opened Friday, Oct. 7, featuring multi-layered oil paintings […]

Thai trio in close proximity to campus

Review: Three different takes on traditional Thai dish

It can be said that the Seattle Pacific University campus, and all who frequent it, are in a uniquely remarkable and delicious position. There are not one, not two, but three excellent Thai restaurants all within a 0.6-mile radius of SPU: Jai Thai, Thai Fusion and Eat Thai, which recently replaced 1-2-3 Thai. Pad Thai […]